Laboratory Introduction


     The Key Laboratory ofUnderwater Acoustic Communication and Marine InformationTechnology (UAC) was established in 2005, approved by the Ministry of Education of China, affiliating with the Xiamen University.In July 2009,UAC successfully passed the evaluation from Mnistry of Education and began to operate publicly.

     UAC mainly aims at significant scientific and technological problems in the fields of underwater acoustic communication and marine information technology. The main research focuses are outlined as follows:

    Foci1: Ocean Noise Field & Acoustic Channels

    Foci2: Underwater Acoustic Communication & Networking

    Foci3: Multimedia Stereo Communication

    Foci4: Ocean Remote Sensing

    Foci5: Ocean Numerical Modeling & Analysis

    Foci6: Acoustic Information & Detection

    UAC consists of 40 long-term research members, including 24 professors (20 doctoral advisors), 7 associated professors, 9 assistant professors. Among them, there are 2 Awardee of Thousand Talents Program,1 Awardee of Young 1000-Talents Plan,  1 Awardee of MOE Program for Trans-Century Excellent Talents, 3 Minjiang Scholar endowed professor,3 Awardee of Fujian New-Century Excellent Talents, 1 Xiamen University Distinguished Professors, 1 Awardee of Hundred Leading Talents in Universities, 1 Awardee of Fujian Science-Technology Innovative Pioneer, 2 Fujian Dual-Hundred Talents Program scholars, 1 Fujian Hundred Talents scholar and 1 Xiamen Dual-Hundred Talents scholar. In addition, there are 20 technicians,2 administrative staff members and 38 visiting members. UAC has being constantly recruited a united and energetic scientific research team of which the research domain and age structure are rational with high-level academic leaders as the core and young and middle-aged teachers as the backbone. UAC is capable of undertaking national major scientific research projects as it possesses highly open and highly influential applied fundamental research platforms and talent training bases.